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Stopping Romance scammers.

The golden rule is not to loan money to people you don’t know. But scammers often get people too emotionally involved to follow that rule. I would advise people on dating sites to have a rule if we can’t meet in 10 days then tell them when you are ready to meet let me know but shut down conversation until then. Scammers love to have reasons not to meet so they can build up a relationship to the point where you will give them money even though you have not met them. I would advise people not to date people over 100 miles away. Be aware that some scammers claim to be local but are temporarily overseas or far away. They may be just about to head overseas and set up a date but cancel or no show at the last minute something came up then they leave for a while. If the claim to have only a few days before going on a long trip advise them to make sure they set up power of attorney with a law firm so they can have access to their money if they get robbed overseas. Most scammers claim to have lots of money but then they have a problem that only you can solve that takes lots of money but they have lost access to their money. Ask the question if they have anyone who could bail them out if they lost access to their money. Scammer love to get money in the form of bit coin or gift cards another red flag. And if you give them money they will always come up with endless reasons to need more. They will usually bring you to the level of soulmate quickly and love to love bomb you. Often once they have your number and email they will block you from their profile on the dating site and say they quit the site because you are the one and encourage you to do the same. It also makes it harder to report them if you no longer can bring up their profile. If you do feel yourself giving into the temptation of giving them money. Its time to demand full contact information. Name address telephone number social security number you tell them a bank would not loan them the money without it and even if you trust them completely you do not have the right to put other people at risk because many of the people singing the same song will use the money for evil. Then you have to find out if the address is real, Zillow can help. Ask them if they own the house and what county it is in. At that time the register of deeds may help you confirm that.

But if that door is not open send a registered letter see who signs for it and ask them what it said if they claim to currently at the address. If they get upset or angry or play the hurt puppy just more proof they are scammers. Even if they claim to be overseas, ask for the overseas mailing address and mail the letter. And ask them what it said. If they can’t get overseas mail another red flag. If they show you a picture of their house see if it matches photos on Zillow or google earth


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