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Removing Scammers from websites.

Don’t be afraid to search an image of websites like Social Catfish. White pages can help you find information on the person so be a member. It is better to give $500 to a private detective that $5000 to a scammer. And if you do hire a private detective hire one close to where the scammer lives so that he can knock on neighbors doors and appear in person a register of deeds if needed. Different states and counties have different rules some online some not. There are a few scammers who will actually meet their victim so don’t drop your guard just because to met them a few times. Beware of the phony cashiers check scam they send you a phony cashiers check and ask you to pay people with it right away often with cash and by the time you find out it is fake you have lost a lot of money. Also don’t let them send you real money that can be money laundering. Fake cashiers checks can be used in other ways to for example sending you a cashiers check for $500,000 but not made out to you. You are holding the check made out to the scammer from another person until he can meet with you. Makes you feel safe to loan him money until he can get access to his. As far as other meeting places like Facebook don’t get involved unless they are close by and can meet right away. Also you should know live video chat can get rid of 3 out of 4 scammers but there are some who will use the own image they have no fear of being caught so some will use their image if it meets the story requirements.

To make the dating sites safer I suggest that they require an address from each client and mail a letter by US mail to that person containing a verification code which could be sent in over the site. So for the 2 or 3 days you are waiting you could have look and like option but no communication. Also the dating sites should have a screen incoming feature you could set so long distance players which have a high percentage scammers are blocked. The default 100 miles but you could set 60 to 200 or anywhere in country. Also limit home number of profiles allowed from one address to 3.


To help spread the word posting a thumbs up for this website on your face book, writing the dating sites, talk shows and writing letters to legislators asking them to set minimum safety standards for dating sites will help. To tell the truth there are so many scammers on some of the sights they are loosing business because people share their negative stories with other people. Just one last word doesn’t matter how long you talk to them online, if they ask for money their isn’t much chance they are not a scammer and there is almost no chance of getting money back. 

Remember scammers often work in groups fake children, fake doctors, fake hospitals and plane scenes and fake documents including driver's license. Watch for lies do a lot of fact checking.

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