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How to stop identity theft.

There have been so many data breeches that most Americans have their information available on the dark web. The only good news is it is such a large number they can’t go after most of them. One simple step is to assign pin numbers to social security numbers so that even if they have your Social Security number they won’t be able to open up lines of credit. If they get your pin as well it can easily be changed. You would have an online website something like online banking to manage your Social Security pin. The voluntary option of registering your thumb print. People without access could go the Local Social Security office to make changes in Pin. Any changes in contact information would be validated with old contact information and you would receive notification about changes in pin as well as email notification of new loan or credit card requests. You could also freeze the account. Thus the advantage of not having to freeze in multiple places to stop criminals from opening accounts.

Now to stop people with hacked information of credit cars and bank accounts. You could have a receive text messages in real time of every transaction from financial institutions or emails. They could tag direct purchase items as well so if you are sitting at work and the text just tells you just bought $50 dollars of food at McDonalds, busted. You could also have alarm thresholds set for figures fairly larger than the 31 days average for that account. For example if you normally only spend $1000 on a credit card in a 31 day time frame you could set your alarm for $1500 over a 30 day time frame. Of course if you have a major car repair you could manually post a bill so it does not show up in the report if you wish.

Now to stop people from stealing heath insurance services, you could require service providers to notify the insurance providers immediately when someone was waiting for service at a doctor’s office or hospital or pharmacy. All they would do is scan the insurance card and it would happen automatically. The insurance company would be notified and the insurance company would automatically send a text message to the insured partly to confirm service immediately. In some case's late response would result in stolen services but would prevent future thefts.  Similar things could be done when you apply for a driver’s license and are sitting at the secretary of state's office.  To prevent auto insurance fraud you could have a camera in the left front headlight that records and erases so that you have a five minute history as well as peek around the corner feature for safety. In the advent of an accident the five minute history could be sent to the cloud both automatically and manually. Now a file could also be kept for all accident claims to red flag people with an unusally high number of claims. 

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