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Stopping fake cashier’s checks.


It would be easy. All the banks would have to do is have a website that could instantly tell you if a check was good or bad it would have a special code both on front and back of check. You take a picture of the code with your cell phone and it tells you in a few seconds good or bad and verifies the details of the check. The banks would all use the same website address making it hard for scammers to fake a website for approving fake checks. The website would work off the new code so account numbers would not be stored on the website keeping information from being stolen by hackers. To help stop you from being a victim right now I advise for example if selling a car meet at the bank a cashiers check is being issued from and verify it before giving title. I would also encourage the law to have a tittle pending clause of 7 days to make it hard to sell a car obtained by bad check so you sell a car you can notify the secretary of state the car is tittle pending but it would also happen once tittle was presented to the secretary of state. If you want to help make this happen send letters to law makers banks and talk shows. And post a thumbs up for the website on face book 

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