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How to stop Fake Quick Claim Deeds.


The best way would be to require a 30 day Quick Claim pending period, the original owner would receive notification by email telephone and US mail to the action, the same would be true of leans. Banks could also be notified. The property address would be notified even if the owner does not live there in case contact information was altered. Any changes in contact information would be verified by old contact information. Secondary mailing addresses could be added so both addresses were notified in cases for example a person owned 2 homes. Transition contact information could be installed with payment of property taxes. In other words building up the data base from ground zero. The 30 day waiting period does not mean loans have to be greatly slowed up much of the 30 days could be used up while the loan was processing perhaps all but 10 days. Leans on the property would also require notifications and it would be the banks risk if they gave money before the process was complete . After which the old laws would apply.

How to stop unregistered fake quick claim deeds and car titles. Just have a verification code on them that you can verify on them on a website. And a title pending on car titles. 

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