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How to stop imposter emails and websites.


If you get a email from the, “Power Company” for example saying they will cut service if you don’t pay immediately make sure you contact the power company but not by the information they provide. Look it up and contact them from a trusted number. Most of the you just won something are just to be ignored

But to really stop them would require our legislators to require businesses to register their email addresses. Send code by US. Mail, the business sends the code back to providers of internet service along with a list of the emails its uses for business those emails get tagged as coming from a verified address. But part of that is to pay $100 fee $70 goes to the local sheriff to verify the address as belonging to the business. This could be applied to websites also. This does not mean the public should blindly trust the emails but most of the scammers will not be able to make this requirement so less scammer emails by far. And red flagging bad emails would be easier to verify. Also classify micro businesses operating out of homes and studio apartments. Perhaps just a $5 registration fee no visit from sheriff but clearly identified as Micro. To help this idea again post on Face book, write legislators talk shows and so on. 

Blue Skies
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